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Question 58-Did Jesus Take Our Punishment?
Dear Reader, again this is a subject that is SO important that we need a double portion of God's Holy Spirit. So, Please take a moment to pray that God's Holy Spirit will be your only Guide. Do not take this Author's, or any humans word for any Bible subject. Thank you SO much! Those promoting the popular view of Hell cannot answer this! If the so-called Orthodox view is correct,  Jesus, from the moment He died on the cross, until He arose three days later, spent this entire three days writhing and screaming in the fires of Hell, and begging God for mercy!!  

No!! Wait!!! Not Correct!!
No, wait!! If the so-called Orthodox view is correct, Jesus didn't really end His bellowing and begging His Father for mercy after three days!!!!!! He did not arise from the grave at all!! He is STILL in the fires of Hell where He will stay throughout eternity!!!  He will spend trillions upon TRILLIONS of Un-Ending Years in the hottest part of Hell, in Red-Hot Flames, bellowing and screaming for mercy! He is right now, at this moment, writhing in indescribable agony!!   

Dear Reader, at what point do we set aside repugnant foolishness, Hellish Blasphemy and Demonic Buffoonery and do a serious Reality Check? Satan LOVES for humans to conjure up ridicules foolishness as they atempt to defend his Doctrines of Demons!

Satan's First Lie
In the Garden of Eden when Satan first contacted mankind, he gave that first visit his best shot! He told Eve that if she'd disobey God, she'd become a God herself! Only a true God-Like creature could endure trillions of years of burning in a fire. So, like it or not, our Silver Tongued Preachers have taken up Satan's first lie and are proclaiming it far and wide!

If the Reader is a Pastor, and a Promoter of  Never Ending Punishing, the hair on the back of the neck arose several paragraphs ago! You may be thinking, "Why do you Liberal Fanatics keep calling it TORTURE? It's called Punishment!!" 

We believe the Bible clearly teaches that there'll be a Hell, and it'll be hotter than any fire we can imagine, hotter than the Hell our Preacher promote!! We have several other Blogsites in which we discussed Hell in detail. We look at When, Where, Why, and How Long. If you haven't read them, please look at the bottom of this Site where we have listed all 100 of our Blogsites.

Progressive Question to Ponder  
Did Jesus Endure ALL the Punishment that was Supposed to be Yours? Your first reaction will be, "Yes! Of course He Did!! He suffered the punishment for every person ever born on this planet!!" Then, if you are a deep thinker, you'll stop and ask yourself, "Wait!! My punishment was supposed to be burning in Hell throughout all eternity! Then you think, "Jesus only spent 3 days in Hell!?!" Then you ask yourself, "Did Jesus really spend 3 days writhing and bellowing, and screaming to His father for mercy in trillion degree flames?" Then you realize the utter nonsense of it and wonder how you'll answer! Pastor, don't feel bad if you have no answer! There's NEVER been an answer!! Not EVER!! Nor will there ever be!!!

Student's Pitiful Attempt
A young Bible Student from a Bible College that teaches Never-Ending Punishing tried answering with the following: "God put Jesus in Hell and intensified the heat until it was enough to equal the punishment of EVERY person that ever lived on earth, and He was able to end it in three days!" When asked if he really believed this, he shook his head no. Of course he didn't. However, this has been the universal answer given at Colleges and Universities in an attempt to justify their doctrine. There are lots of Doctrines of Demons found in Popular Christianity, and in every case the excuse given always creates even more foolishness and always ends up becoming an attack on God's Character. This pitiful excuse magnifies the problem. Recently a TV Preacher sent us the same answer as the Student did many years ago. Following are five problems with what appears to be the only answer offered:

1. It implies that Jesus was not truly Human. Jesus was in Human form and to have His pain increased a Trillion fold, then have that pain mega increased again by condensing it from eternity to 3 days would mean that Jesus was some kind of "Super-Super Man." Jesus laid aside His Divine Powers when He was here on Earth.
2. If Jesus endured all the pain and suffering His Body and Soul could endure for 3 days, and human punishment is to be all the pain and suffering they can endure for 3 days, it makes some sense. But, if humans are to endure Trillions of un-ending years of this, and Jesus only 3 days is declaring that Jesus "SIDE-STEPPED" our penalty ENTIRELY! Is this not Blasphemy in its rawest form!
3. Jesus suffered intense physical pain on the cross. As you know Pastor, Pre-Trib says the physical suffering Jesus endured was far less than His emotional agony of being separated from His Father. You also know Pre-Trib says the pain of Hell for humans is also far less than their emotional agony of being separated from God. It is a Biblical fact that Pre-Trib is correct about both. But, let's look at the result of Pre-Trib insisting that Jesus endured 3 days, while lost humans will endure trillions of un-ending years. They tell us Jesus endured His intense mental, physical, and emotional pain while dying on the cross and then 3 days in Hell still enduring the same mental pain. But, at the end of those 3 days, His punishment was finished. Again, if this 3 days of physical and mental anguish is the extent of the worst human's suffering, we can make some sense of fairness. But trillions of un-ending years?

4. The sole purpose of Satan inventing such repugnant foolishness is to cause humans to question the fairness of God and thus bring reproach on God's Character. We can be sure that during the time Jesus was being mocked, beaten, drug through the streets, and nailed to the cross, God the Father was also in pain. Just the thought of God watching all of this  from Thursday night till late Friday afternoon when Jesus "cried with a loud voice, Father, into thy hands I commend My Spirit" (Lk.23:46), and then to picture His Father sending His Spirit to Hell, where other "Souls" or "Spirits" have already been bellowing and screaming for thousands of years, can we really see the Father watch while Jesus bellowed and pleaded for mercy for 3 days?

5. There is a 5th Blasphemy that is the opposite of, and the result of, the above repugnance. Satan has a Doctrine of Demons in almost all of the World Religions, including some Cult groups within Christianity. It says that eventually ALL humans will be saved and enjoy a good afterlife. Mainstream Christianity does not embrace this false notion yet, but there's evidence that Satan is crafting such as an alternate to his Doctrine of Demons described above. 

The Truth
The reason Satan can get away with attaching such repugnant Doctrines to Christianity is because his first lie to us was "Ye shalt not surly Die" (Gen.3:4), and he has used that lie as the heart and soul of almost every Demonic Doctrine he owns. The psalmist wrote wrote the following concerning what happens to our mental condition when we die:  "His breath goeth forth, he returns to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish" (Ps.146:4). We have a Website called, "The Truth About Death" in which we carefully look at this. The so-called "Orthodox Doctrine" of death has no choice but to say outright, "Psalm 146:4 is a Lie! When we die, our ability to think is enhanced a hundred times over!" When a doctrine forces us to take such a position, it'll be a doctrine of Demons every time!

What Really Happened to Jesus
A truly careful study into what happens at death and what happens to the lost wicked has rendered the following for literally thousands of Ministers and millions of every day, Bible studying Christians. Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane and there began a day and night of intense pain for Jesus. In the Garden, Jesus said, "My soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death" (Matt.26:38). From that time till He died the next day just before sun set, Jesus suffered mentally, physically, and emotionally exceeding that of the punishment of the worst sinner our planet has ever seen. He paid it all for all of us, and when He said, "It is Finished" (Jn.19:30), it was finished!! Done!! And when Jesus said, "Father into Thy hands I commend My Spirit" (Lk.23:46), God did not hurl Christ's Soul or Spirit into Hell and watch him squirm and scream with pain that He, God, intensified trillions of times more than humans suffer in an ever-burning Hell!! No!! Jesus could not have said, "It is Finished" if He was going to spend 3 more days in a burning Hell! The full price had been paid!! Jesus was given a well deserved sleep as He rested in the tomb until Sunday morning.   

 Dear Reader, we are truly sorry for the strong and harsh words we used here, but when Satan attacks God's Character, and accuses Jesus of not making a complete atonement for us, and not enduring the punishment that should be ours, thus Side-Stepping His whole purpose for coming to earth, it's time to fight back with fiery vengeance. We must stop playing "Namby Pamby" with Satan's Doctrines of Demons! We ask that you please seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit on this matter. When we do, we cannot go wrong!

Thank you, Dear Reader for your time! Please, let's continue praying that God's Spirit be with us as we prepare for His coming.
Your Brother in Christ
Walter C. Martin Jr.
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